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PA wrote:
Is there a way to tell the different string function to use a string "as is" without having to escape every single magic character?

From the Lua manual:

string.find (s, pattern [, init [, plain]])

Looks for the first match of pattern in the string s. If it finds one, then find returns the indices of s where this occurrence starts and ends; otherwise, it returns nil. If the pattern specifies captures (see string.gsub below), the captured strings are returned as extra results. A third, optional numerical argument init specifies where to start the search; it may be negative and its default value is 1. A value of true as a fourth, optional argument plain turns off the pattern matching facilities, so the function does a plain "find substring" operation, with no characters in pattern being considered "magic". Note that if plain is given, then init must be given too.

Adam D. Moss   -