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Jack Christensen wrote:

Are there any Lua libraries or bindings to libraries that can do basic image manipulation such as loading, resizing, format conversion, etc.? I didn't see any on the wiki. My needs are relatively simple so I may be able to script ImageMagick from the command line through Lua, but I'd rather use a native library or binding if one existed.

I'm not sure that there isn't anything else, but, I do have a partial binding to DevIL. It's just lacking complete function bindings since I've been adding them as I've needed them. I promise to flesh it out test it slap some paint on it and release it at some point but you are welcome to what I have if it would be any use to you.

Devil is and I've been using it for ages, development on it kinda fell apart somewhat recently but its pulling itself back together and prior to falling apart it was perfectly usable :)


Kriss -><-