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I didn't know there has been a current lua binding for Delphi already. All I've found on the net was an outdated Version for Lua4 so I started my own conversion and posted it in the Wiki. The differences in the API seems to be marginal in our versions - maybe we should sync the results to create an 'official' Delphi binding?


Rolf Meyerhoff

Marten van der Honing schrieb:
I missed your earlier post, but on my site you will find lua headers
for delphi. Take a look at:

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 11:53:02 +0900, Stijn De Saeger
<> wrote:

Thanks for the input, Jarrod and Romulo.

When I have some time over the coming weeks, I'll definitely look into
ScriptVision (couldn't find LuaPas though...), it looks quite
promising. It's good to hear there's Delphi people out there that
think outside the begin...end; block occasionally.