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> When I have some time over the coming weeks, I'll definitely look into
> ScriptVision (couldn't find LuaPas though...)

I am very sorry. The correct location is in site, not LuaForge:

@ Lua Users:
Direct link:

BTW, I can send you what I am using. It is not pretty but works nice. It looks more like Lua at least. (I'm not saying that the ScriptVision isn't good. It looks promissing too).

What I have is: A simple object (not class) that holds most standard Lua functions. It's use is simple:

with TLuaObject(L) do // Could be "with LuaAsObject(L) do"


(I believe that there are no performance penalties as it is just a typecast after all)

And there is a simple binding system between Delphi (RTTI) and Lua. It is based in a definition file (.lua file) which describes your classes, methods, enums etc. And a script (also .lua) that converts that definition into a .pas file. If I am not wrong, it is much like ToLua (except that ToLua reads a 'cleaned' header file).

I started to work into a DCU reader that would automatically read all compiler generated code and export the definitions to that intermediate format, but I haven't finished it because I had more important things to do.

Again, my apologizes for the LuaPas location mistake :(


PS: If this message is duplicated, then please forgive me. My mail server had a little trouble this afternoon.