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I've updated my patch to make the Lua VM fully resumable (yield across
pcall, callbacks, metamethods, iterator functions) for Lua 5.1-work5.

Documentation and download (the patch file itself and a patched-up
distribution) is available from the Wiki:

Comments and test reports welcome!

There are no changes to the RVM functional extensions apart from a fix
for a borderline case found by Roberto (a coroutine resuming itself did
not throw the correct error) and a typo fix (_WIN32 vs. __WIN32).

But I've added a few things that didn't make it into work5 and are
applicable to both the original distribution and the RVM patch:

- The macro luaM_reallocv no longer causes excessive warnings on 64 bit

- 'lua -l module' now uses require() instead of reimplementing only a
  part of the functionality (it was not possible to load C modules and
  the new loader table was ignored, too).

- Cleared up some defines, so the readline extension in etc/saconfig works
  again. Added calls to initialize/finalize macros needed for extended
  readline implementations.

I have some other small changes pending (e.g. for loadlib). I'll post
a separate patch plus a merged RVM patch in a few days.