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This is the first beta release of Kurmi.
There are significant changes from the 0.5 version.
Kurmi has been divided into a Core engine (in C), a installer logic (in Lua) and a UI support library. This Core engine package (kurmi) includes the Core engine and a copy of the UI support library for an easier building process. The standard installer logic scripts (kurmi.lua+unkurmi.lua) are part of the kurmibld package. The UI support library has its own package (kurmidlg) because it's not tied to Kurmi. Adding or removing pages or altering their order is now a simple task with the new "Pages" section. Even all or part of the logic can be altered: change kurmi.lua and/or unkurmi.lua to meet your needs.

There are sources and ready-to-use binaries for Windows and Debian-Sarge at:

Best regards,