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Just started messing with luahttpd (thanks kindly to y'all) to better
understand copas.

Here are a few observations:

As of "LuaSocket version 2.0 (beta3)" the interface to url is via
"socket.url" instead of "url". The documentation mentions this, but
there a few references that haven't been updated.

The HTTPEngine.lua file in luahttpd-0.5b refers to the url module as
require("url") instead of require("socket.url"). My quick fix was to
change this to:

local url = socket.url

Also, there's a reference to "copas.skt_wrap". I believe this is
"copas.wrap" in the latest copas.

I'm still reviewing the code and will pass on my findings as I go...

Thanks for all the hard work!


If it ain't broke, break it.  How else are you going to figure out how it works?