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On Sunday 27 February 2005 23.32, Vijay Aswadhati wrote:
> > 
> > EEL goes all the way in the other direction, basically, by keeping
> > variables local (register frame variables by default, except in
> > the top level of a module, where variables become 'static' - ie
> > "module local") always requiring that variables are declared. The
> > first assignment is considered the declaration, and is also the
> > initialization. (There's a difference in some cases, as a result
> > of the refcounting based memory management.)
> With all due respect I would like to point out that this list is
> meant for discussing Lua and not EEL. I am writing this after
> observing for a while that your posts always talk more about EEL
> than Lua. Is it time for EEL to have its on news group?

Point taken. The idea is to use EEL as an example of something similar 
but still different as a frame of reference, but it's easy to get 
sidetracked... In this case, I failed to make my point; that 
seemingly trivial changes in the language may require quite a bit of 
compiler logic to work safely. (Initialization tracking, which 
requires control flow tracking etc...)

No dedicated group (yet), but:
(Pretty much silent so far.)

Anyway, sorry about the wasted bandwidth. As it is, I *really* should 
be hacking (even) more and making less noise...

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