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PA <> wrote:
(25/02/2005 18:57)

>Considering all this, here are 3 issues I would like to see addressed 
>in Lua at one point or another:
>(1) Decay. Some syntactical laxness can only be explained in terms of 
>legacy. They should be cleaned up.

>(2) Lack of focus. There seems to be an inflation of sugary syntactical 
>additions lately.

>(3) Inconsistency. Lua's core should try to be consistent. .... Only use one notation.

> Keep the ship tight and clean.

I agree totally.
The thing that drew me to Lua was the chance of a single small exe file to support making solutions to problems with a minimal sytax of great power.
That, and a one-page manual that if sufficiently chewed, could feed me well.

I like the new dot notation actually, but whatever is chosen, consistency is all. Special cases are exactly that. If they are not vital, I think they should be absent. Once special cases start to extend, it gets like an app with too many buttons. It's far better to have a few powerful, versatile ones.

There's a lot I don't know, but if I ever am told to RTFM, please bear in mind that this goes down easier if the FM is a small, coherent package. :)
Right now, it is, and I hope it stays that way.