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> > what version of LuaSocket are you using?
> I don't remember :) Better to ask Diego whether select changed (again).

Ouch... select didn't change. :)

On the other hand, two things did change and affect this
code (long time ago). Both changes were made so that the API is

    the function timeout() is now settimeout()
    the receive() function returns (nil, err, part) in case there is an error

My turn to flame Roberto back: if the code checked for the status of the
coroutine within the dispatcher, it would have noticed that there was an
error and not placed the error message into the "connections" table that
is passed to poor old innocent unchanged select. :)

For an updated version of the code, check

It works fine here. It should never have crashed, though, even before
corrections. How come it is crashing for you?