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On Fri, Feb 18, 2005 at 02:15:47PM +0100, Klaus Ripke wrote:
> > and using setlocale() to change the locale to UTF-8.
> don't! It's not working by any means.

In C?  Of course it is.  (Never in Lua--an extension language can't be
changing the locale environment, since it's shared by its parent.)

> > --it would come at a performance
> sure, but not as bad as one might expect

GNU grep is much slower in UTF-8 than without multibyte support.  :(

> > and portability cost.
> no, to the very opposite: while the C API locale support will vary largely,
> standard unicode support is 100% portable in Java and Tcl
> and hence in the provided little lib (which is a port from Tcl).

Huh?  Lua is written in C, not Java or Tcl.  There are "portable" mechanisms
for localization (eg. wctomb(), wcwidth(), wchar_t and friends), but not
all systems have them (Windows, embedded systems, etc).

Glenn Maynard