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> Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 11:44 AM
> To: Lua list
> Subject: Re: PATCH: Fully Resumable VM (yield
> acrosspcall/callback/meta/iter)
Hi Mike,

> But the Lua API issue remains: coroutine.eresume() feels so un-orthogonal.
> And error([co,] err) just doesn't cut it. The coroutine may continue
> running when pcall has caught the error! This is more like a resume,
> not like a non-local throw.
> Does any other language have such a concept? I know that everyone is
> working around this issue with native threads, since you cannot reliably
> kill them. Lots of 'if (flag) { dealloc(); pthread_exit(); }' littered all
> over the source. Not pretty -- I really want to avoid this.

I vaguely recall reading about Erlang avoiding such a situation by including
messaging natively into the language - but my interpretation of what I read
may be totally wrong.

In the context of coroutines, I found an interesting read that others (on
the Lua list) may find useful as well:


At the end of the article the author alludes to having a context to make the
proposed scheme more robust; I thought that with the Lua State providing
such a context, there may be some interesting paths that can be explored -
someday when I have time...

BTW, great job on the patch and the documentation - Kudos to you. And if
there were ever a vote, count me in to vote in favor of making coroutines
first class objects and to make it available as part of the standard

Vijay Aswadhati