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i notice this in the lua source
/* default path */
#if defined(_WIN32)
#define LUA_ROOT "C:\\Program Files\\Lua51"
#define LUA_LDIR LUA_ROOT "\\lua"
#define LUA_CDIR LUA_ROOT "\\dll"
  "?.lua;" LUA_LDIR "\\?.lua;" LUA_LDIR "\\?\\init.lua"
#define LUA_CPATH_DEFAULT "?.dll;" LUA_CDIR "\\?.dll"
the LUA_ROOT is define as "C:\\Program Files\\Lua51"
The program files directory is not always in "C:\\Program Files"
lua should get it in the registry, the key is
the value name containing the path is "ProgramFilesDir"
(i got the regkey from Nullsoft Scriptable Install System source code).

i also have suggestion, lua should have its own key in the registry to store directory and file search information
so that you dont need to recompile the source code to change the directory and file search scheme, just edit the registry

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