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>>>> 02/07/05 11:36PM >>>
> 2005-02-07T20:56:53 PA:
>> For large amounts of text, interesting amounts, full-text search
>> works in a two-pass process. There's a relatively slow, lengthy
>> process that builds an index --- typically 1/3 to 1/2 the size of
>> the corpus of text being indexed --- and then very fast searches
>> using that index. 
> That's what a pure Lua implementation would do;  the index could be
> plain text, containing the words as indices (or hashes).   That would
> certainly be fast enough for 
> most things - it's a question of scaling and whether
> one can afford the memory etc.
> An interesting wheel to re-implement.
> steve d.

Hum... I wonder if lper could help here...