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Well that is certainly a place where Python would have problems to squeeze in!

Yes, interesting.

9.2.2005 kello 23:49, Nick Trout kirjoitti:

The cell? Just a guess.

Lua is re-entrant and has 2 ways of doing threads. You can create
multiple Lua states or you can create Lua threads (coroutines). Don't
know how memory architecture works with that though.

I'd compile offline using luac and strip interpreter. You'll need stubs
which I think are in etc in distrib. Think you'll get core down to
70-80k. Libraries are optional and I'd think about using custom ones
(really bare) for an embedded or tight memory system. See wiki for notes
on optimising script memory usage. Basically declare everything local
and use luac -s.

Be interested to hear how you get on. You could email me directly if you
have issues with public list.


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Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 9:20 PM
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Subject: Lua in Parallel System

Hi all,

Does anyone has use Lua in any parallel system? Perheps, my question
should be if Lua is thread-safe. I am working on a system that is in
highly parallelism model, (just like those super computer), which has
several dedicated processors.
I would be so much appreciated if someone out there can share the
experince with me.
Also, I wonder what is the smallest size of memory that Lua is good
enough to do the work. In other word, (exmaple), Will lua (include
code+stack+some scripts) possibly fit in a small memory segement (e.g.

I think it is a very interesting topic, as for a scripting system
natual (sequence base) use in parallel/concurrent system.

Thanks in advance.