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> 1) Your server is sending a 302 Redirect but is providing a blank
> Location header... It SHOULD not do that, and I had never seen it
> before, so I was not protecting against it. This my be your PHP script's
> fault. Are you requesting it to redirect and did you forget to set the
> appropriate Location?

Yep, the database had changed recently and I forgot to update one
field. My bad.

> 3) Once these two problems are sorted, it still won't work. And this is
> because of wrong use.

> If you are not providing an LTN12 sink for the body of the reply, you
> shouldn't be using the fancy version of the request function. Call

>     print(http.request"";)

> instead. Notice the lack of request table. Use the string directly.

Yeah I wasn't sure about that one, I had been trying several different
parameters because of the table error.

Thanks for the help.