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I'm currently using Lua in a project at work, and it's working really well. Thanks! Our users love it; even the users who have never programmed before love it. :)

I've found several discussions in the past about the possibility of adding a metamethod that would convert a value to a boolean. Essentially, I would like conditional expressions such as those in if statements or while loops to check for a __toboolean metamethod before assuming that a non-nil value is true.

Has anyone actually made such a change? It's not listed as an available "power patch" in the Wiki, but it seems to have been discussed several times already on the list. If no such change exists, does anyone have any advice on where to go in the source code to make such a change? If there's any interest, I'd be happy to share such a change in the same format as the other patches listed on the Wiki once I get it working.

Thanks again,