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Hi all,

Just a brief announcement: I've just uploaded the first release of ChunkBake 0.5.0, a Lua 5 assembler. It has rudimentary features (no expressions, equates, stuff like that yet) and but can currently assemble all Lua 5.0.2 opcodes. It is written as a single Lua script. URL:

The version number is 0.5.0 to allow for changes to the assembler syntax if there is a need to do so. Here is a sample program, based on hello.lua:

; the first program in every language

getglobal 0, "io"
gettable 0, 0, "write"
loadk 1, "Hello world, from "
getglobal 2, "_VERSION"
loadk 3, "!\n"
call 0, 4, 1
return 0, 1

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia