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on 2/1/05 3:26 PM, PA at wrote:

> Yes. I would venture that most mainstream ones do use 'super' in one
> form of another.
> I even use it myself :P
> One er, rather, er, interesting aspect of this specific implementation
> is that you could 'skip' a hierarchy altogether:
>    this.dwim = function()
>        -- do additional stuff
>        return this.super().super().dwim()
>    end
> Note the 'super().super()' call. The same applies to both class and
> instance methods.

Unless you do really grotesque things with proxies and potentially incur
complexities at a number of other places, this doesn't work or becomes very
inefficient. Super is a property of the method in which it is being called
as much or more than it is a property of the target of the method.

On the other hand, if the mechanisms in C++ and Python are adequate then so
are the mechanisms in Lua as it exists right now.