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>> I'm happy too, my customers aren't. If they were experienced
>> programmers, I could just publish an API for the application and let
>> them extend it in C++.
> But if they're NOT experienced .. why confuse them with OO?
> I mean OO confuses everyone :)

I disagree, I think a well designed class hierarchy can help users do a
better job as programmers.

> Simple algorithms + data structures
> programming is much easier -- VB is still the most popular
> programming language around :] 
>> Not being satisfied with it made me learn Z80,
> Gak .. did you ever try the CoCo?

My cousin had one, we spent ours drawing on the black & white graphic
mode that allow four additional colors if you draw interlaced horizontal
and vertical lines.

>From the ZX-80 I moved to a TRS-80 III, after that to a MSX and finally
I got my first PC, an incredbly fast 486DX2-66!