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Is it possible to include LuaSocket into the standard Lua language
without any changes to the existing syntax (eg. require and so on)
As an example its easy to include the posix library only on the C side
to enhance the standard language. But how is this possible with
LuaSocket? I dislike all the additional stuff: http ftp smpt...

As I understand I must "require" the socket library. This is not the way
I prefer because e.g. string functions are already there why should
I "require" the socket function extra? I see only two ways:

a) require *all* the extra namespace stuff

   require ("socket") and so on...

b) or require nothing because all the C side stuff is already available
   I prefer this way and like to require only my own 100% Lua side stuff.
   No mix between C and Lua side extensions only to support one library
   e.g. sockets.

Possible I am wrong here and I don't understand the concept and possible
my wishes are easy to achieve. Please let me know.

My last point: I need database functionality in Lua e.g. mySQL. So I
need a socket library to communicate with the database engine.