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El 29/01/2005, a las 18:30, André de Leiradella escribió:

Futhermore, one of the first files you see when opening the distribution
package is the evil (from the Windows programmer point of view)
"configure". I could use cygwin to at least configure the package and
then make the necessary adjustments to compile it under Windows using a
native compiler, but I prefer to hack Lua.

No need to take a full trip to the unix-alike-world-over-win32, I think Io should compile cleanly just with the unix-alike-microcosmos-over-win32: MinGW+MSYS. LuaCheia builds cleanly just with that. MSYS is the minimal amount of Unix stuff you need in Hasefroch to run configure scripts. And as you might know, MinGW-generated binaries don't depend on external DLLs (Cygwin forces you to depend upon "cygwin1.dll").

More info: htto://

Adrian Perez
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