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Someone asked this question on irc:// the other day and I didn't get around to providing my answer. So here it is.

There are a lot of technical things about Lua which I really appreciate, starting with the cleanness of the implementation and the commitment of the authors to provide good documentation. (Documentation quality, in my opinion, is the key to code reuse, regardless of programming model.)

But there is one thing which has always impressed me about Lua above all else: the friendliness and helpfulness of the Lua community.

A friend of mine characterises open source mailing list discussions as following the rough model: "Yes, it is". "No, it isn't." "You're an idiot." "Well, you're a jerk." (Actually, he doesn't use the word 'jerk' but it was the closest translation I felt like typing.)

The Lua mailing list, over the years in which I have been a subscriber, has been delightfully free of this sort of exchange, which is generally boring and in any event readily available in other forums. And it is probably this, more than anything, that keeps me here.