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On Jan 28, 2005, at 9:08 PM, Mike Pall wrote:


PA wrote:

Please, read this guy's homepage first before spreading his stuff to other lists. Parental guidance strongly advised. Funny -- he hates killfiles. :-)
Actually he hates _lots_ of things, except four letter words.

In the business, we call this an ad hominem argument.

I'm having to dig deeper for machine names. The iMac was style-over-substance; this Mac mini is appeal-to-pity.

if you'd like to wade into the rhetoric, head over to , where people are fighting over bogus methodologies for benchmarks for XML processing in Python. Something is wrong when even lazykit is orders of magnitude faster than Uche's code, which is well-regarded in the Python world. No wonder people think XML is bloated and slow.