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On 28-Jan-05, at 1:38 AM, Diego Nehab wrote:

They claim it doesn't happen in NT 4.0. Might happen even if they claim
it doesn't. It doesn't matter, the code has to be prepared to see this
happening anyways.

Absolutely. That's all I was saying. So I think we're in 100% agreement.

By the way, since I ranted on irc the other day about people using
four-year-old bugreports as an argument against Apache, and much
though I hate to defend Microsoft, I have to say that both of the
url's claim that it is a bug with win9x. (I know, people still use
it, but it is getting a bit grey in the tooth.)

Even MS has the right to fix bugs; the fact that there was a
bug with the socket implementation on a ten-year-old product
is not very high on my list of "why M$ is sh%t".