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Chris Chapman wrote:
The reason I ask is that the behaviour I'm seeing from the lua VM is
that the GCthreshold remains constant at some high value, even though
the garbage collector has been through several sweeps. If I call
lua_gc and make it do a full (non-incremental) collect, it manages to
clear up all of the collectable data. If I don't do a full collect,
the data is never collected. No combination of parameters to SETPACE,
SETINCMODE or STEP seems to make a difference.

IIRC the last time a GC discussion popped up we vaguely established
that there's something mysteriously wrong with the generational
collection.  If generational collection if disabled (which requires
a small code change) then you can still allow incremental
collection etc. but you might find things more to your liking.

Adam D. Moss   . ,,^^   co:3