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> Ouch... that's just sad... Another case of going with the popular vote,
> instead of the right one.

Indeed. Lua support would be a very strong reason for me to buy the
Enterprise license :-)

They probably chose JavaScript because it has a C++ (or Java) like syntax. I
could list many other products that have made the same decision (to use a
scripting language with syntax that resembles the language used in the
core)... the Torque game engine being an example...

By the way, any clue on how Trolltech implemented the QSA? Is it just a raw
binding, or do they have a level of indirection such as a
language-independent introspection/reflection layer? That would be
interesting as it would make things very easy for us to write a Lua binding.
The Qt framework itself already supported a simple introspection system.

-- Thiago