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On Jan 25, 2005, at 19:29, skaller wrote:



Do you feel condescended to when I provide you a function,
and you can't get at the local variables of the function?

You are entirely missing the point... déjà vu?

Lua, out-of-the-box, already provides this functionality at the, er, function level. Even though, you could get to local variables if you really wanted to for some obscure reasons:

In the thread at hand, I was under the impression that we where talking about "packaging" Lua's existing functionalities to make them a tad more "object oriented"... what "a tad more 'object oriented'" means in practice, and in the context of Lua, is left as an exercise to the interested reader...

Using my implementation, which is to return a table of closures,

Right... I can read to:

In any case, I personally find all this circus to forcefully enforce encapsulation a total waste of time, personally that this. YMMV.