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A bug was discovered in Datalog version 0.2.  It fails to make
inferences it should.  It turns out I made a silly error when
translating an implementation of Datalog I wrote in OCaml into the one
in Lua.  Please update any version you have to version 0.3.


------------------------------ README ---------------------------------



This package contains a lightweight deductive database system.
Queries and database updates are expressed using Datalog--a
declarative logic language in which each formula is a function-free
Horn clause, and every variable in the goal of a clause must appear in
the body of the clause.  The use of Datalog syntax and an
implementation based on tabling intermediate results, ensures that all
queries terminate.

The components in this package are designed to be small, and usable on
memory constrained devices.  The package includes an interactive
interpreter for Datalog, and a library that can be used to embed the
interpreter into C programs.


This package is built on top of Lua 5.0 <>.  If your
Lua distribution is installed in an unusual place, you may need to set
CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS as described by the help message generated with
the command:

  $ ./configure --help