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> Thanks for the responses!
> I have been vaguely aware of dbm and it's spawn for years, but have
> never actually written any code to use one. Perhaps as Mark
> mentioned, careful inspection of keys and values will make this class
> of libraries usable for my purposes.   
> I've gotten spoiled by sqlite's ability to keep all tables and
> indexes in one file and it's ACID method of protecting data... so I'm
> looking to either use the btree/pager modules from sqlite or find a
> dbm clone that has the same features. One thing that I don't like
> about sqlite's implementation is the fact that it locks the entire
> file for updates.     
> Take care everyone!
> -joe

Maybe lper fits your needs. It replaces the default memory allocator by
one that uses a memory mapped file. Not only your data base would
consist in Lua hash tables (fast lookup) but everything would persist
across runs as well.


Andre de Leiradella