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As we have announced previously, LuaForge will soon move to the IMPA
facilities. That operation will involve physically moving the current server
and the site will be unavailable for some hours.

Our tentative migration date is next Monday, 24 of January. Assuming
everything goes fine, we still will be considering the week of 24-28 subject
to instabilities. Our preliminary tests have passed without problems, but
only the daily operation of the site will truly tell how things went. As
soon as the site is back online, we will announce here the migration status.

During the week of 24-28, we'd like to ask every user that detects some
problem with LuaForge to report by mail direct to us. Do not use LuaForge
itself to report problems please.

Once again, I'd like to thank the help of the IMPA team (mainly Roberto
Beauclair and Alex Carvalho) during the migration and tests of the new

Andre Carregal