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On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 19:12:06 -0800, Mark Hamburg <> wrote:
> I didn't create the package.preload table so it seems improper for me to set
> a metatable for it. What if some day a version of package system set its own
> metatable on the table? What if competing pieces of code wanted to set the
> metatable on package.preload?
> Getting back to the start of this thread, I heartily endorse some form of
> external loader mechanism. It ought to make it much easier to integrate what
> we already have working though we'd need to address the issue that we allow
> a single script to export multiple namespaces.
> Mark

I completly agree with you. This is the reason why i wrote my first
email on this subject (and started this thread). Maybe its my fault i
didn't explain it as clearly as you did.