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Rather than implement IUP straight to OS X Aqua, you might consider doing a GTK+2 port of it.

As you know, GTK+ is much more up-to-date on the Linux side than Motif, so you'd win some hearts there. Also, there's a working GTK+2 system for OS X (albeit, requiring X11 of course). And.. in the horizon there's hope for an Aqua GTK+2 some day.


16.1.2005 kello 17:36, Antonio Scuri kirjoitti:

 At 13:26 16/1/2005, you wrote:

On Jan 16, 2005, at 16:20, Antonio Scuri wrote:

  No. No. We still do not have a Mac to work on it.

No more excuses :o)

Sure! Great! It is not that easy to get gadgets in Brazil, but we can try this one. Thanks.

But it is possible to build and run the IUP Motif driver in Mac OS X.

You mean running it under X11?

   Yes. You need to install a Motif and rebuild IUP using gcc.