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> > Care to explain? :)
> sure; after doing a select(), i can know that a given socket has some data
> available, so i do a receive();  but i can't tell the library to read ONLY
> what's available and return immediately.  it'll always wait until it has all
> the data asked, or until a timeout.  a timeout of 0 is 'forever' and not
> 'immediately'.  (maybe -1? haven't tried it)

A timeout of "0" is zero, not forever... Have you tried it?  It returns
whatever was there immediately. If you asked for more than there was, it
returns nil, "timeout", and the partial result.

> BTW, the LuaThreads package seems to be outdated, i had to tweak it to
> get to compile with Lua5.0.2, is there a newer version? or is it
> deprecated?

I have an updated version. Will be released soon.