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That sounds like a job for LuaChip! ;)

Hows that project going anyway?


On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 01:57:04 +0000, Tom Pike
<> wrote:
> G'day All,
>         I am a developer for the P3 Project (Providing Palms for the Poor).
> Our aim is to break the poverty cycle by providing information and other
> technology services to those who are amongst the world's poorest.  We
> have had a pilot project in Soppeng, Indonesia, where farmers were
> provided with information about Biocycle farming.  The information was
> provided using the Palm platform, all of which were donated.
>         In the future we are looking to develop an ultra cheap platform that
> will be able to provide these information and other technology services.
> At this point in time we are using a customised Linux distribution as
> the operating system, and we are looking for our language of choice.
>         The hardware is our constraining factor.  We have a rather fixed amount
> of memory/storage etc.  The desire is to fit as much information onto
> each device as possible, so any wasted space due to bulky languages is a
> source of concern.  Memory usage is also a concern, and stability is
> vital.
>         We are well aware of Lua's small footprint, and this is a great
> advantage to us (I read a thread about how to reduce the size of Python,
> eventually it recommended using Lua!).  We are also very aware that our
> language selection has to be a good one as we will be tying ourselves to
> it for a few years once going to production.
>         What we are seeking at this point is any information that would help us
> on this decision.  Does anyone have experience using Lua in an embedded
> environment (as in hardware embedded, rather than software)? Or even in
> a handheld environment?
>         Comments, suggestions etc would be most gratefully received.  For more
> information, there is a P3 web site:
>                 Many thanks,
>                 Tom Pike
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> | P3 International |
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