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Hi all,
I have been trying to resolve a porblem regarding to the my scripting engine that using Lua 4.0.
The way I setup the lua with my scripting engine is very typical,
lua_open to get lua state, then load all the libraries.
Since I intend to use the scripting engine for my AI engine, I have a all my states the written in Lua scripts. Druing the game loop (for now, it is just a testing application), the application will look at the location and run a script that specified by applcation. Of course, this will happen very game loop.
Now, I run into aporblem that the system "evetually" throw an exception, and it happens even running on a simple script which just only doing print("Hello World");
I try dostring as well, but same problem is encountered.
I have also tried Lua 4.0.1, but the problem is still there.
Has anyone out there encountered the same porblem before? Does Lua allowed the run a set of scripts again and again?
Any insight would be very appreciated!!

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