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Have you considered SDL's audio capabilities? Not the raw core audio (too low level) but have a look at SDLmixer. It's used in games afaik, and is multi-platform. I'd be willing to make a binding (have been planning anyhow, just not a usage case before this). What do you say?


8.1.2005 kello 11:31, Adrian Sietsma kirjoitti:

i'm looking at doing some voip work (in windows), and thinking of lua...
(but that's some way off yet)

step 1: add a sound record/play library; has anyone done this ?

what i would like is feedback on posible uses / abstractions. i know Windows audio well, but not linux / unix.

i'm considering an abstration like io/file : off the cuff -

object =
object = sound.readfile(filename)



so :  what belongs to which level of abstraction ?

i aim to (eventually) build a basic win32 sound library.
it raises some interesting threading / callback issues too.