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I am currently looking for 1-2 coders/programmers with between
mid-to-expert level LUA experience (nothing big) but who are
enthusiastic about helping out optimize and evolve AI code developed
under LUA. The project won't take long as is centered around enhancing
exist AI code to preform more efficiently.

The Game in question which will be optimized: Warhammer40k: Dawn Of
War. This project should not take long as most of the ground work is
done. The need for LUA scripters is founded in a requirement for a
coder(s) who partially/fully understands the LUA matrix which forms
the AI structure.

The AI is based on 20 small .ai text-based files controlled by a file that coordinates the matrix. I would converse with
the coders who are interested, startegize what needs to be done, then
provide the .ai files and we will go over all details. *Any Changes
made to the .ai toward achieving the goals should be well documented
as its essential the work can be understood*.

The scope of the project is a modest one hence the reason it should
take long to accomplish.

If you know anyone or who are interested in finding out more please
don't hesitate to contact me. You help is very much appreciated!