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> Not tried it, but as long as Windows resources are concerned UPX can
> pack them: 
> # upx -h
> ...
> Options for win32/pe & rtm32/pe:
>   --compress-exports=0    do not compress the export section
>   --compress-exports=1    compress the export section [default]
>   --compress-icons=0      do not compress any icons
>   --compress-icons=1      compress all but the first icon
>   --compress-icons=2      compress all but the first icon directory
> [default]
>   --compress-resources=0  do not compress any resources at all
>   --strip-relocs=0        do not strip relocations
>   --strip-relocs=1        strip relocations [default]
> ...
Talking about that, does anyone know how UPX handle compressed
resources? Resources are loaded from disk as needed AFAIK, does UPX
decompress and put them in RAM? I don't think there is a hook in Windows
to allow on-the-fly decompression of resource data.

If UPX decompress everything in RAM and you want to save memory, it's
better to use zlib or bzip2 to decompress data that you compressed
beforehand (not using UPX) and have UPX compress only your code.

Andre de Leiradella