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> However, I've not given up the idea of embedding several files in an
> executable as a virtual read-only filesystem, complete with directory trees.
> I've found that the CPIO format is a simple as you get for this task. And it's
> seekable so you don't need to expand the archive into a temporary directory.

I also planned to use a VFS when I started, but given my current lua knowlegde this turned out to be a hard 1st step (and BTW: winzip also unpacks tgz files to your temp dir and doesn't remove them afterwards, and its version 9.x). From what I saw I had the fear that it would be necessary to 1st create an IO API for the C core prior to support a standalone exe based on a VFS. 

Surely I would be interested in a more clever solution, I already gained what I wanted to gain: learned something.

Regards, Frank
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