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after a while I recently started to use Lua again, unfortunately, I
found my old problem to persist, although with Lua 5 introducing count
hooks, there seems to be a possible solution in sight...

While I could restrict execution using count hooks and a timer - based
approach, as Luiz suggested, I recently read about hooks and yielding
leading to possible problems that might occur when yielding from a hook.

Right now, I'm wondering if these problems can entirely be avoided if
none of my hook implemenations (in C) calls lua_yield() ?

Additionally, as I found that others encountered similar problems, I
guess it would be really appreciated if someone with deeper insights
into the Lua VM could propose a possible integrated solution -
currently I'm thinking of functions like lua_stop_execution(),
or even a set of pause / resume functions that allow a finer control
for a given lua state pointer...

Comments from the Lua team concerning a possible integrated
solution are especially welcome, of course ;)