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seems to be a new approach or is this anyhow related to srlua or bin2c mentioned by duck? What do you mean w/ "high level code"? Will Lua script  compiled to C? 

Wouldn't it be the easiest way to "just" somehow pack (e.g.) zip the various Lua sources and magically add them to the executable which will then "find" them when started? I'm by no means a system programmer, but IIRC that was the idea for Python.

> I'm working on a system that I expect will be able to both
> compile high level code down to Lua CAPI calls, and also
> Lua script itself. The output will typically compile
> to a single binary.
> The first part is already done (but not properly tested
> or documented yet). I haven't tried to build
> the parser for the second part yet -- it looks easy
> but looks can be wrong .. 

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