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2003-07-29T15:15:25 Gustavo Niemeyer:
> I'm just curious. Is anyone working to port PLua (Lua for Palm) to
> the 5.0 version of Lua?

The only one who can is the author of PLua; it's not open source.

He has announced that he's developing PLua 2, based on Lua 5.0.2,
and on Dec. 27 he responded to a "when" query by guessing first beta
maybe in February.

The open source project trying to put Lua 5 on PalmOS is at
<URL:>, and seems to be
advancing; at least, it sounds a lot further along than the last
time I looked.

Any Lua fans who are hip to PalmOS programming, do please toodle
over that way and pitch in!


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