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El 23/12/2004, a las 14:56, Roberto Ierusalimschy escribió:

5 lines of code will stop the bundles vs. dylibs discussion once and
for all.  I think this is quite an effective measure. :-)

I disagree. This is why committees always blow up their designs. It
is easier to add whatever someone asks for than to discuss whether it
is really necessary. Our main rule is "keep it simple", not "avoid
discussions" :)

I think Roberto is right, and there's a pitfall in allowing bundles and
dylibs to be loaded: dylibs are always loaded in public namespace,
so you can't load two dylibs that define the same external symbol
(i.e: you can't load two or more dylibs with a "luaLM_import" function
and so on); in the other way, bundles are usually loaded with the
NSLINKMODULE_OPTION_PRIVATE, and each one has its own

By only allowing bundles to be loaded you enforce others to make
things better, IMHO.

Bye, and happy xmas everyone!


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