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duck wrote:
Also, the string %ProgramFiles% is locale-sensitive, is it not? This
means it can't be hard-coded to a specific value. Actually, I don't
think I mean locale-sensitive, I think I mean "the name of the
%ProgramFiles% directory depends on the language version of Windows
you used at install time". Anyway, %ProgramFiles% isn't even
invariably on the C: drive -- the drive letter used for the Windows
"root drive" depends on numerous things, including the way the disk
is partitioned at the time you install Windows.

Actually the value of %ProgramFiles% can vary very much. It is a setting that has various 'default' values depending on locale etc, but it can also be 'set' to an abitrary value by the admin if the machine (in the registry etc.), and can also vary for each iser on the machine if one so whishes...