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I would agree with Rici here, don't expect a problem until you see one.

In _any_ case -if I were you- I would require at least a double margin (of the known requirements) until actually starting to use Lua. Meaning, if it runs for you in 1MB of RAM, ship 2MB.

For stricter control, I think both the memory management + garbage collection engines (of Lua) can be overridden with your own. Might be worth it, if nothing more to see what's going on?


21.12.2004 kello 19:45, Rici Lake kirjoitti:

 I realize I am being very picky about a problem that most people don't
have. If I absolutely must have 100% memory safety I should just use a
less dynamic language.  Fortunately, my requirements are not 100%.  So
what I am trying to do is learn how to use Lua as well as possible so
that I can at least know what the rules are when I bend/break them.

Rule 1: don't try to second guess memory management until you have
proven that you have a problem. In the majority of cases, custom
memory management strategies are worse than well-tuned general
memory management systems.