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Diego Nehab <diego <at>> writes:

> Hi,
> > I am trying to compile, both static and dynamic, lua under LINUX
> > Fedora 3.  Is there a concise set of instructions that I should be
> > using?
> Did "make" not work? Should work for the dynamic at least.
> For the static,
>     ar rcu libluasocket.a *.o
>     ranlib libluasocket.a
> should do the trick.
> []s,
> Diego.
> PS: I have never managed to distribute LuaSocket in a form that made
> everyone happy, therefore it is currently in a "do it yourself" form.
Thanks for your response.  I am new to Lua and this is the first library I have

I am able to build the .a static library.

My next question is what code needs to be added to lua.c to make the socket and
mime functions available to the interpreter?

Additionally, is the .exe for windows on the Sua page all one needs to run lua
from the dos prompt?