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Or.. you can use 'regedit' via Lua, which is a 100% script solution, although a hack(ism) one. :)

If anyone else on the list is interested in such code, either look at Scripts/win32 and Tests/win32 on LuaX or ask me for the files.


14.12.2004 kello 18:31, William Roper kirjoitti:

 Hello and welcome to the list. Since lua is platform unspecific the
answer would be that you need to modify your interperator and write a
function that retrieves registry keys and pushes them onto the stack,
then expose that function to lua.


On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:48:15 +0000, Daryl Cavanagh
<> wrote:
This is my first time of posting on this forum, so sorry if i get the format

Can anyone tell me how i would read the registry key from windows into a lua
variable, so that i can dump this into a third party file?