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On Monday 13 December 2004 7:20 pm, Tomas wrote:
> > my main wish still missing would be the 'function URLs'.  That way, it
> > would be easy to treat some URLs as RPCs.
>  But this could be achieved with the current implementation.
> We test a simple XMLRPC server some time ago.

right, but it's so many levels of abstraction... and XML for parameters... a 
lot of bloat for my taste. what i propose is: just before checking for the 
luaPage file, check a table, if there's a function associated with that URL, 
call it instead of loading the luaPage.  if there's not, load it.  simple, 
lightweight, fast.

> > and having the user interface remotely visible using just any javascript
> > compatible browser.  it's certainly possible using coroutines and a full
> > cross-request persistence.
>  Yes.  It is possible.  But if you want a cross request
> persistence, you'll have to dedicate one process to each user
> running the application or we'll have to implement something
> equivalent inside the launcher.

not one process per user, just a coroutine.  the 'getevent()' function would 
do a yield, and the RPC would take a session id and retrieve the coroutine to 

maybe the 'stable' persistence could take a timeout, to destroy stale 


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