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Doing remarkably, I think. It would take too long to go through what the 'enum' addition to LuaX really does, but it allows ..well.. what you'd expect from enums (type checking) and bitlib (binary or & and) sortof by itself.

Here's some code, testing SDL flags ('flags' is a userdata enum with 'call' metamethod):

	if gamestate.screen.flags(SDL_HWSURFACE) then
	--if btest( gamestate.screen.flags, SDL_HWSURFACE ) then
		print "Screen is in video memory"
		print "Screen is in system memory"

Or-ing values together is also simple:

	local event_buffer= SDL.Init( SDL_INIT_VIDEO.. SDL_INIT_AUDIO )

The features have been implemented with regular Lua 5.x userdata & metamethods. Might even work with Lua 4.0, haven't tested.. :)